the holm
This house is located in an idyllic setting in the Galloway hills just off a quiet ‘A’ road and a few miles from the Solway Firth. It was designed for the potter Will Levi Marshall and his family. The site was a large, relatively flat, wet paddock surrounded by mature trees. The house sits on the north east corner of the site to allow for south west facing living area. The paddock has been planted with wild flowers, so the timber building appears to sit lightly on the ground.

The pottery sits at right angles to the house forming a court area and screening off the private garden. Both buildings have a semi industrial feel, softened by the cedar cladding. The house is organised in an L shaped plan; one length providing open plan living space which includes a kitchen, dining area and living space; and the other containing bedrooms, utility and a study. The living area has an expressed structure with a steel frame and exposed douglas fir joists with plywood decking. The southern elevations are fully glazed and allow the owner to open the house to the landscape. The entrance is located in a glass link between the living space and the bedrooms, so that as you approach the building there are views through to the garden.

The environmental controls strategy follows the siting approach. The open plan living space has a mono pitch roof set at an angle to take in the low winter sun for passive solar gain, whilst the overhanging eaves shades the glazing from the steeper summer sun, which in conjunction adjustable, cross ventilation, prevents over heating. This passive solar approach complements the highly insulated building fabric, a wood burning stove for space heating with high efficiency condensing boiler for background heating and domestic hot water.