extension and transformation
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An extension, if fully considered and designed well, can have a dramatic effect on a house. At the simplest level more space is created, however the prospect of an extension offers the opportunity to re-evaluate how a dwelling is used and how it could be improved.

Typical improvements that can be designed in are;

1. Open plan living areas with direct connection to external spaces and gardens. orientation to take in views and sunlight.
2. Introducing light and ventilation into inner rooms.
3. Improving or adding insulation and installing energy efficient heating systems.
4. Improving external appearance.
5. Adding renewable energy micro generation systems.

Using our skills as Architects in South West Scotland we can provide an overview of clients needs, how the existing building is used, the opportunities provided by the context and from these factors an appropriate solution can be found.

The examples in this section have all had extensions which have transformed the existing house.