community buildings
care home extension community care house community building, multi purpose, flexible space

This body of work encompasses public healthcare buildings and a wide variety of specialist care housing.

The common considerations addressed in the design of these public buildings are;

1. Considering the needs of an end user who is not directly involved in the design process.
2. Relationship to context and fulfilling client requirements.
3. Future proofing buildings by making them adaptable and loose fit to suit differing future client needs.
4. Reducing energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by using a mixture of sensible features either passive (eg insulation or orientation to the sun) or active (eg heat recovery ventilation)

We can advise and guide clients, whether a single client or larger committee / multi headed client, through the planning and procurement process of any public building, healthcare or specialist housing project.

We recently won the competition to design the Dalbeattie Discovery Centre, of which the Planning Application has been recently submitted.