dalbeattie discovery centre
flexible space community building
community multi purpose building

The Dalbeattie Discovery Centre is a proposed visitor and community facility which converts and extends an existing house, which was formerly a hotel.

The main strategy is to form new extensions designed to contrast and complement the retained main body of the house. The Centre will provide interactive information for visitors, a multi use performance area with retractable seating, a Children’s Indoor Activity Area and a Tearoom / Cafe overlooking the river and park. All the spaces are connected by a flexible top lit entrance, foyer and reception area that can be used for display of crafts and artwork

Our approach to the design of the building is holistic and integrated so the building fabric is considered fully at design stage so expensive “bolt on” services are minimised. The proposals provide a mixture of sensible features with the joint benefit of reducing the use of energy and lower carbon dioxide emissions. The design will use sustainable and environmentally friendly materials including Dalbeattie Granite.