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As Scottish Architects, we have designed many housing developments, either speculative or affordable, low cost, in rural or urban locations. Our approach when designing housing developments is to;

1. Understand and consider the clients requirements and needs.
2. Fully study and analyse the surrounding context and environment.
3. Liaise with relevant authorities, specialist consultants, public utilities to establish site constraints.
4. Propose design solutions appropriate for context and to fulfill clients requirements.

We work with both clients who are new to the developing process or experienced developers.

We advise, guide and assist clients through the lengthy process of consultation and liaison with local authority planning and building control departments, solicitors and land agents, public bodies, local housing trusts and public utilities. We can lead design teams which can consist of structural and civil engineers, archaeologists, wildlife consultants and quantity surveyors.

We are fully experienced in this process and can advise potential clients on the viability of initial proposals, the likely timescales involved and the associated costs.